Terrible new interface

I really do not like the new interface that appeared with version 0.5.8.

What annoys me about the new interface:
1- Removed the key to the integration of games from other services. What for? yes, to replace the button on the left to directly install games, it seems to be a good thing ,but personally this function does not work for me ,because the download lasts forever. Now to add a game I have to manually enter the game data (for example from steam) game id year of release, etc. Even the new Lutris game header can not load and the games just have a gray stub instead of beautiful art (but if you add the game through the site, then the picture is there).

2- Why was it necessary to remove the ability to remove the game from your library, this was replaced by hiding games. this is not convenient, i have the opportunity to dilute any unnecessary rubbish and then i will not be able to remove it without deleting the entire game as a whole. For example, I added some game manually, since there is no more import button, and then added it again, but through the site, I get two identical games and if I want to delete one of them, I will be offered to delete it from the PC. Well, nonsense!

3- Separately, i also want to analyze the topic about the fact that no service is now loaded. you can’t log in to steam, gog, or even the lutris account itself! Stupidly is not loaded. And if I somehow manage to make synchronization with the library of games (for example, steam), then Lutris will not see which games are already installed , and when you try to select any of them, it will simply crash.

And now the most painful part
4- The beautiful and informative panel on the right has been replaced with a pathetic semblance from below.
Thank you for reading my opinion about the new interface.


You don’t have to manually enter the game data. If you’re logged into GOG, for example, you can go to the GOG tab, show games that are not installed, choose one, and click install. I think this is easier than the old way of importing a game from GOG, then looking through your library to find a hidden game that isn’t installed, then installing it and making sure to select GOG installer a second time.

This is just a change in terminology. If you want to uninstall a game, you “remove” it. If you want to remove it from your library, you “hide it from your library”. I just created a game with the add interface and deleted it again. It still works.

I haven’t seen that happen. I can still log in, and I can synchronize, install, and run games without crashing. Even so, you should report this as a bug so it can get fixed for you.

Overall, I think the new interface is an improvement. There are some new bugs, but they will get worked out. The biggest problem is just getting used to changes, but that always happens with the release of new software versions.

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Everything is cool of course ,but maybe it’s a matter of taste and I just need to get used to it. Moreover, there is no other way out ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Of course. I hope you figure out how to use the new interface and adapt well to it. :+1:

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I got to affirm, that after a month of regular usage, I still find the new UI a bit bothersome, inefficient and everytime leaving me with the feeling of a lack of control. Most probably it’s simply because important buttons don’t belong to the bottom of an UI. This is an very old and well known premise for computer GUI design and webs design, and it’s not like we were using Lutris on a smartphone. Please rethink this change, it doesn’t even seem to make any logical sense.
I know, that with the introduction of flat design on desktops, many UI developers left the path of rational and efficient layouts, declaring anything that (for very good reasons) has been a well known example of bad GUI design for decades as ‘finally legal!’. But does this trend really have to infect every software? :frowning:

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I also affirm that the new UI has a less intuitive layout than the older Lutris. The sidebar being gone is probably one of the biggest annoyances, especially because now all of the advanced features are stuffed into a tiny up arrow next to the “play” button which might be mistaken for “advanced launch options” instead of all options. I also have a big gripe with the search bar in the titlebar, which results in that ENTIRE section of the title bar being dead space that you have to avoid when clicking to move the window. Why have these two things been changed? They worked just fine before.

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