Terrible mouse warping in Battlefield V

Hey folks!

Installed BF5 via the Lutris installer. Now when I go ingame, I’ve got terrible mouse warping.

Which means when looking with mouse movement up/down/left/right, for small movements it’s fine. But like when turning half around my axis, it’s like those mouse movements begin to react veeery slowly, and half a second later all those mouse movement that have been made are being done in a very short time.

This makes it very hard to aim in the game.

I tried to play around with the “Mouse Warp Override” setting in Lutris, but this doesn’t change anything. Also dis/enabling Esync.

Is this a known problem?

I had a weird mouse issue on star wars battlefront 2 but for bf5 never had this issue the mouse was working juste fine without any modification.
For battlefront 2 u need to go on user folder for bf5 on the prefix and change something on the config file.