Terraforming Mars does not show up on list for import

Hi all,

in a recent Steam sale I bought the PC version of the board game Terraforming Mars. I had hoped to be able to play it via Lutris under Ubuntu.
But when I try to import it into Lutris from Steam, it simply doesn’t show up in the list.
Is there a way to fix this?

Thanks in advance for helping out.

Yes that is a bit finicky. In your profile you can couple your account with Steam. Usually I look the game up in the library on lutris.net and press the add to my library button. After a restart of Lutris I usually see the game pop up.

That certainly added the game to my list, but there is no installer available yet.

Proton status says platinum. You could try to run it from steam.


As for an installer, it could be as simple as this one:

  appid: 800270
  env: PROTON_USE_D9VK: 1

I can’t test it as I don’t own this game, but you could and if it works submit it for moderation.

edit: b.t.w. the game is listed on the main site but its still unpublished. That’s why it isn’t visible.

Lutris doesn’t seem to save these parameters.
I’ve tried installing it with the wine runner for windows steam games, and it prompts me to configure it manually or write an installer of my own.
Under manual configuration I think I found the relevant boxes for the values you provided, under the rider “game” there is a box for id, and under “system” I can add a whole list of different variables under environment.
When I click on save, the window closes as one would expect, but when I then try to install the game, I get the same prompt as before, and the values I added before are gone.