Tera launcher can't login

Hey as topic says my Tera launcher can’t login in my accout.
I waited about ~30mins ( Offcource i cant with right credentials).
Also if i try to login with random credentials i don’t get the ''account does not exist or wrong password ‘’ message.
Have turned and my firewall off with the same result.
It’s still be the same ,doesn’t matter if i try to log with ‘‘Wine Gameforge version’’ or ''Wine Tera version"
Any help will be hightly appreciated :slight_smile:

I couldn’t get to work via steam play so I installed using lutris and just the wine version. I had to use wine cfg to set win7 as the installer failed to do that and win xp no longer works with terra. I suggest you run winecfg to check that it is using win7 instead of wine xp.

I already have changed the wine cfg from xp to win7.
The problem is that i cant login into any account.