Task "dosexec" not working

The task dosexec in installers simply doesn’t work for me at all. Nothing happens at all. DOSBox doesn’t even open. putting exit: false doesn’t change anything either.

Strangely, when I put, for instance, INSTALL.EXE directly in executable, it says “OS Error, cannot find INSTALL.EXE” but if I put with the path $CACHE/INSTALL.EXE, the task part seems simply ignored… I don’t get it…

Also, I detected an error in the provided example of dosexec:
- task:
name: dosexec
executable: $file_id
config: $GAMEDIR/game_install.conf
args: -scaler normal3x -conf more_conf.conf

The “config” should be “config_file” instead, giving:
config_file: $GAMEDIR/game_install.conf