Taking forever to install World of Tanks Blitz

I added WoT Blitz to my library, and clicked install game. Lutris automatically installed the Wine Steam runner, and it started to install game data. 4 hours later, it’s still installing game data. I am sure something is wrong, because it normally installs in less than 30 minutes in Windows. I have enough storage. Can someone please help? This is my first time using lutris.

You need to login first. Right-click Wine Steam in the sidebar, click Run, sign-in, and rerun the installer. Also I don’t think that game will launch. I tried getting it up and running but was not able to. Something to do with dotnet iirc.

I’m pretty sure I need to install dotnet40. Any idea on how to do that?

Right-click the game > Winetricks > Select default prefix > Install dll > dotnet40