Tableau - Unable to create temp database

Hi. I’m using Tableau Analytics Interactive Map software for work via VirtualBox and now trying to run it via Lutris.
Installed no problem via default runner which resulted in a tons of errors. Switched to GE-Proton7-41-x86_64 and placed MSVPROC.DLL into bin folder which reduced errors to just this:

wine: RLIMIT_NICE is <= 20, unable to use setpriority safely
[304:308:0326/] WSALookupServiceBegin failed with: 0

The app launches and it successfully imported Tableu .twb file which contains my project, but the project requires also an additional .csv data source that I’m trying to import and getting this error inside Tableau app:

An error occured while communicating with data source 'name of data source'
Bad connection: Tableau could not connect to the data source.
Error Code: CD808E44
[SQLSTATE:58000] Cannot create temp database: Growing the database file failed

No additional errors come up in Lutris Log.

In case anyone decides to try it out, here’s installation .exe download link from google drive
The 1st step after installing and closing the app is to change Executable to Tableau 2022.4/bin/tableau.exe otherwise it won’t launch.

Any assistance will be highly appreciated.


I am also having the same problem in tableau which I installed in wine.
The data sources are not connecting same error has pop up on screen.
do you have any solution?