System Requirements

Perhaps there is a way to implement a tool that checks hardware (like linux package “lshw-gtk” or similar) for minimum compatibility before downloading and installing a new game. This would save time and effort for users.

Of course, this would require a section of the install script for each game to list minimum requirements, and some service that can accurately compare hardware. I don’t know much in this department, but I think it’s a plausible concept.


I like the concept. Such a tool would need to watch-for and log all the libraries accessed while launching a game. The version-info would also be required.

A problem occurs when 3rd party applications come into play; such-as wine, steam, and the various controller-compatibility tools. So, that limits us to native-games using native-hardware configurations only. For my-own purposes, that really limits someone like myself.


It might be a neat debugging-tool though!

A cascading list of loaded files organized by loaded-dependency; starting with the Lutris runtime itself. Would also be very useful in bug-reports showing exactly what libraries are loading and have loaded.