SWTOR need admin to update

I loaded swtor as recommended but when i load it, it errors saying it needs administrator privlage to download and install the game. What do i need to do to fix that?

What version of wine is the game set to run on? Is this a fresh install of the game?

3.8 stagging. yes first install. correction staging-3.8-x86_64

I’m no expert, but could you be experiencing permission issue’s with your games directory? Try “ls -l ~/Games” in a terminal and make sure you have x for execute in your output. Something like “drwxr-xr-x 5 atlantida users 4096 Jul 26 05:08 star-wars-the-old-republic”. You could try “chown -R whateveryourusename ~/Games”.

If that doesn’t help, remove the current game (right click on the SWTOR icon and select remove and check both boxes in that window). Close lutris and try the latest installer from the lutris website. It’s currently set to esync-3.13, but I’ve been experiencing some issues in game with that version (with and without esync enabled, specifically loading maps in new areas). If the install/download works and completes (close the Installer window 1st before launching the game again) set the runner options to use staging-3.12 for better in-game stability. Right click on wine in the left column, and select manage versions. Check staging-3.12 and it’ll start downloading that version. It will then be available in your runner options/wine version.

I’m currently running the game now. Just tested the installer, and all seems to work. I manage best performance with wine staging 3.13, which isn’t available via lutris yet (only with esync patch). Keep me posted and maybe we can get this figured out for you.