SWG Legends - I have a question about the launcher files

Hi everyone!

I’m trying to install swg and I have no problem until it asks me to select where the launcher files are and then I get a file path error. Does anyone know where to put the extracted launcher files? Thanks!!

Bring up the configuration of your installed game and it will tell you where it thinks it installed the files.

Did you “install” from lutris.net game page? There is a drop-down arrow and the option to “view install script” - the script tells you what it is expecting to find.
Find those files under the Lutris game path, and adjust the game configuration if you have to.

I’d be more specific, but since there are thousands of games I have no idea what “swg” is, sorry :slight_smile:

This one is a bit more complex as if you read the description from Star Wars Galaxies site, the zip file that is to be extracted needs to be used with the CD installation of the original game. In theory, copying the game folder with the SWG update from a windows install into the prefix created by the Lutris install script SHOULD work after pointing to the launcher, however this is a java based application so need to see what the SWG forums say about the exact process for getting it to run in Linux.

Star Wars Galaxies forum would be a good starting point.

If you’re running Lutris Flatpak you might want to try the non-flatpak version as sandboxes do not make for good debugging.

There are various options for Java, and I noticed the launcher install automatically added a java from Github. Some errors, but it still launched the login panel without issues. I’m guessing you’re further on into the install process.

Find out which Java is supported first - you can install a windows java RTE into the prefix if you have to :slight_smile:

OP already has all those instructions - we have been on Discord trying to make it run - that is when we found the issue with the CD install needed - a particular java class is referenced in a file that does not exist in the downloaded zip file from the Lutris install script - so just waiting on the SWG forums to confirm correct method.