SWAT 3 GOG/Steam version (request)

I found swat 4 to work well on Linux, but I know that many people have had trouble for SWAT 3 to work. Do you know if anyone can make a SWAT 3 script?

ANYONE please respond, because I really want to play this game BADLY!!!

Also here are some issues that people are having problems with the game.

it is a pity that I don’t have this game

The game is currently on sale on GOG.

I can’t make this game work, every time the game try play a video, it crash, I tried to convert the videos that used a very old format, install codecs, but nothing works. :expressionless:
You can play some missions only need to use 32bits prefix, winetricks quartz after install the game, and use -nointro as argument to the swat3.exe executable, but again, when the game try to start a video, it will crash.

Have you tried these options?
Option 1

Option 2

Option 3 (in which it worked on wine)

quotting the site

“It should be ready at this point, the only thing that does not work is the videos and that is because of the lack of proper video codecs, you have to run swat3.exe with the argument -nointro or it will give you the DDERR unsupported error. Other then that it should now work, I tested it myself, the levels I sampled worked 100% suspects, sound, scripting, lighting, etc.”

exactly what I said

the current wine version don’t need all that stuff that he used in WINE 1.4.1, quartz is enough, the issue is the video playback

Have you tried all three options to fixed this? Especially Option 2, which they replace the movie files.

Yes, I tried those files, also tried to convert the videos myself, and don’t work. I research a lot through the internet, and tested many possible solutions, but can’t make it really work, then I finally give up, for now.

I created the script and submitted, if anyone wants to improve it, feel free to do so.

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