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Surviving The Aftermath

Has anyone gotten Surviving The Aftermath to run? If so how? This game is available from Epic Games and is not available on Steam. After EA then it should be in the Steam store. From the same people that created Surviving Mars.

I am still trying to get this to work.

I tried installing it to my satisfactory wine prefix. It works up to setting up a game. It starts to create a new game then just freezes. No error messages. It might be going really slow but I suspect dependency issues. Does anyone have any idea what it might need? I just added a repo: graphics-drivers/ppa. I now have NVIDIA 440.64 but that doesn’t appear to change anything. I wish it would at least give an error message. Later today I will try running Lutris from a konsole and post if I get an error message. Maybe that will give a clue. Kubuntu 19.10.

Still no response? Maybe it needs to be bumped.