Surprisingly low performance in Overwatch

I recently bought a laptop with an RTX 2060 gpu, and before I was using a desktop with a GTX 980-Ti, according to benchmarks these cards are neck to neck in performance. With the 2060 sometimes coming out on top even, the same applies to the mobile version.

On my 980-Ti I ran overwatch at 50-60fps on a 4k screen with medium settings, on my 2060 I am running overwatch at 60fps on a 1080p screen on low settings. This is more than 4x slower than it should be, compared to what I was getting on my desktop.

Any ideas why that could be happening and how to fix it?


It’s quite likely that your CPU is a bottleneck here.

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Yeah, I don’t know wtf was up with it, maybe it just had some issue with the practice range, I went for a quick match today, and it did just fine. my cpu was getting quite hot though but I managed to solve that issue now, I’m getting 100-150 fps now on high settings so it’s good now.

Not quite sure what changed.

Oh, I know what this was - your shader cache was still being compiled from installe-provided state cache, and it takes a lot of CPU power.
And after it was done compiling them, it freed up resources, which allowed the game to run at higher FPS.