Superfluous Wine-Steam Launcher in Gnome

I’m running Fedora 33 with gnome, and am using Lutris to run Wine-Steam for “Among Us” since the game doesn’t have Linux support.

My problem is that: after launching the Wine-Steam runner in Lutris, a desktop icon / launcher is created within my Gnome menu.
Since I already have the proper Steam launcher for Linux, they end up looking like duplicates of each other.
Except the Lutris one doesn’t even work when clicked on from the gnome menu. It only launches properly within Lutris, and is completely pointless as a Gnome icon.

I figured out how to delete the desktop Icon, but a new one is created each time I launch Wine-Steam. I hate it. I just want Lutris to be where I launch my Wine apps.

How do I fix this?