[Suggestion] HowTo create "Runners"

I suggest a template of a runner (such as Wine Steam runner) to be able to install it and run my own version (and then share it of course).

Right now I notice that by default Steam wine installs 32-bit version wine on steam so 64-bit only games cannot run on that Steam wine.

I do not know how to run a default runner script either.

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From what I understand, winesteam makes a 64bit prefix and automatically runs 64bit games in it.

I looked on the Lutris scripts upon the Wine Steam (the python scripts), I found that on default it makes a 32-bit prefix setup. I actually changed the default to 64-bit prefix and yeah it makes it so. It would seem the check for that precise moment to see what Architecture it should be (32-bit or 64-bit) in standard it automatically chooses 32-bit.

Since I executed Lutris by terminal I found the files it was reading, the python files (I could replicate it but that would mean I have to destroy my wine steam right now). I did not record it sadly… I should though.