Suggestion: Game saves backup/ cloud backup function

Hi. I’ve started using Lutris recently and am really impressed with it.
One thing that would put the cherry on top, would be if it had the ability to make automatic backups of game saves like Steam does.

I’m not a huge fan of DRM platforms like Steam and GOG Galaxy, so if game runners like Lutris and Playnite can step in, and provide the features like cloud saves etc, that are usually only available from DRM platforms, that would be really awesome :smiley:

It’s cool, but you have to remember those services are paid and kinda sponsored. If you’re using Lutris with all DRM-free, linux games, you should be able to implement cloud-saving yourself with any backup tool. Just find the game’s save folder and sync with all your devices whenever you need a new one.

A good example of service is syncthing which allows you to create your own cloud with any devices you want.

A good suggestion, but an integrated cloud save function would mean I could recommend Lutris to my friends, and hence bring forward the year of Linux :wink:

Could it be done by using a free service? gdrive/mega/mediafire… each user provides itheir own cloud service and lutris uploads the saves to said service…

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Yea, I think if Lutris could just copy the saves to a nominated folder, like for a NAS share, or Google drive, or dropbox sync folder, that’d be perfect.

But I’d want Lutris to be able to re-import the saves automatically too.
That way it’s seamless enough to compete with services like Steam Cloud sync and what not.

If it can copy (upload anywhere) it should be able to download aswell. Then it’s just a matter of checking files dates and overwriting if needed.

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