Suggestion: Add Custom Banner Size

Hello! First of all thanks for this amazing job and sorry for my english :slight_smile: I was waiting for something like Lutris for a long time and it seems that now is the right time to definitely say bye to my windows OS.

However… what I really miss from my win based emulators front end is the capability to add my own custom banner (or custom cover) and hide the game titles like in this screenshot

so, I just wanted to suggest that option for future releases :slight_smile:

Not to sound like bossy or anything, but you CAN add your own custom banners!!??!! (right click, configure)
I actually have a question for you… how did you get banners from an emulator? I am trying to do that with HATARI, but no luck so far.

ops, sorry I expressed myself the wrong way… I know I can add custom banners… but I meant custom banner SIZES :P, I forgot that word :stuck_out_tongue: sorry for that.
about the banners… I made my own custom banners with photoshop.

We have plans to introduce more banner sizes at some point, allowing custom sizes would not be far of so I guess we could allow that as well.

oh wow! you are good with Photoshop then! :grin:

Did I mention how AMAZING you guys are??