[Suggestion] A maintaining Section for Vulkan wine

So wine has it’s own Directx12-to-Vulkan translation git repository. It’s time to move on for the application to suggest Vulkan API on Lutris somehow, well at least maintain or address Vulkan-Wine. There are plenty of target projects that has started too. My suggestion is actually to keep an eye on the Vulkan side for Wine and somehow include that to the Lutris community/application. We as users are here to test and improve (not on behalf of the community but to just help).

There is VK11 that are more interesting. But like VK12, it simply isn’t ready.

Well yeah, but technically wine isn’t really ready, just for the most part stable for certain features. If this suggestion is implemented it kind of makes it easier to use these for-now-custom-wine. Not asking for it to be fully supported but just implemented for test.

As far as I know, there haven’t been any releases of VKD3D, DXVK. or VK9. And plenty of obstacles to overcome before they release at all.

I am just mentioning it because it’s to implement a section that can handle something like that (or plan for it) or even contact the people making these project.