[Suggest] Tutorial for building scripts

I downloaded the full script (where it mentions to download the script on the specific application), but it seems it needs more or different code than what is given. Even downloading and trying the script does not work. The scripts either works locally on server or there are variables I am not seeing.
I poked around the script and it seems that if I am trying to install my own script I really do need the json script to in different order than the scripts that are available in Lutris.

Therefore I suggest to get a basic script example with available details about other variables can do (to make a complex and yet simple script).

I do want to help Lutris to grow and become better but since I cannot figure the json script out I need some sort of guidance.


So I solved my problem. The only thing I needed to do is to remove the result variable and let the variables inside the result variable be outside the result variable. It solved my issue and the script works when installing locally.

In clear context, everything that’s in the result variable has to be outside of it for the script to work, the result variable is what’s causes the script not to work because for some reason the result variable means something else and won’t read what it contains.

Note: Only tested with the Battle.net script