Subnautica Not Launching

Subnautica will not load after install, and I don’t know how to find logs. Any one able to assist?

What Wine version are you using? There’s currently a bug with the Wine Steam runner that doesn’t download Wine versions specified by an installer. Make sure you’re using Staging 2.19 x86_64.

Right-click Subnautica > Configure > Runner options > Wine version.

If you don’t have it install it: Manage Runners > Wine > Manage versions

Sorry for the delay in response. Yes I’ve used multiple versions of wine, 2.19 was the first, but the game says it’s launching and then closes suddenly.

Do you have Wine installed outside of Lutris?

Did you set one of the launch options listed in the description?

For an additional performance boost, add one of these -force-glcore -force-opengl -force-glcore45 (for recent Nvidia drivers), to the games’ launch options on Steam.

Also I forgot to mention earlier you can enable debug output under Runner options. They show up on the menubar under the Games tab. Additionally you can run Lutris through a terminal.

Yes, I am using -force-glcore45, but I think I have found the problem, though, not sure how to resolve it…

It seems to only be installing 32 bit version of steam. I tried to change the directory to make sure no other installs are affecting it, also changing the prefix to 64 as well as the version of wine. However, I’m still getting that it’s a 32 bit installation. Also, if I browse the directory I setup for it, it is showing empty. Any ideas? Obviously i’m doing something wrong lol.