Submitting Steam games

Please avoid submitting Steam games manually. If you somehow manage to get past the submission form, it will most likely result in a duplicate game.

Steam games are automatically created when users sync their library, those games are the ones that get added to the users Lutris library, not the manually submitted version since it does not have a Steam app ID.

Would it be possible to add a way to submit Steam games? Maybe by have a text field to include a Steam app ID during submission. And then the Steam installer will be added automatically to this game.

Not everyone own the Steam version of the game, e.g. DRM-free version from GOG, and would like to use it in Lutris, too.

Or, like my Star Wars Battlefront II, Oblivion and Fable, I can’t activate the keys in steam… and lutris just has steam installer.

If you don’t have the game on Steam, that’s okay, someone else probably has it and the game got automatically imported to Lutris, search the unpublished games to see if it’s there.
If no one has the game on Steam then is okay to submit it.

Also, most games imported from the Steam sync lack information that would be present if the game was manually submitted. I’ll work on that in the next few days so users can submit new data to existing games.

You can submit installers for other versions like GOG or DVD on the same page.

is it just me or are games not added when i synced my steam? Polygon for example isn’t even on my library when i open lutris, it’s not registered as a game but it’s on my steam