Stuck on unzip.tar.gz on

Really want to replay Dust an Elysian Tail cuz that game is a masterpiece, but haven’t been able to find a file called unzip.tar.gz on or I’m obviously doing something wrong, plz help.

Provided a screenshot for more clarity

Perhaps it can be avoided by already having the unzip program installed to the system? Try installing the zip tools package with your distribution’s package manager. It will have the zip and unzip programs in your path then, and Lutris won’t need to try to download the binary. I’m just guessing, I’ve never encountered lutris trying to download an unzip binary before, but I’ve always had zip and unzip on my system.

It may be separate packages for zip and unzip or a single package, I don’t know your distro. If ubuntu’ish, perhaps

apt-get install unzip