Strange bug With DXVK!

When I choose to enable DXVK with any game that support DXVK, the game will not start at all. But if I disable DXVK, the game will start without any problem (with DXVK working)!

So If I want to run any game with DXVK turned on, I turn it off otherwise the game will not work at all!

This is a minor bug but it needs to be fixed, because it will drive new Lutris users crazy.

Have you got vulkan installed? check your package manager, or check out this guide

Check versions. in the DXVK_HUD enviroment variable, under System Options for your game, put “version” to check what dxvk version you’re using.

Example: “DXVK_HUD| fps,version” or simply “DXVK_HUD| version” (the bar represents the bar in the UI).

When you activate DXVK on your runner options, Lutris puts DXVK’s DLLs and changes wine settings to make those DLLs override Wine’s defaults.

I suppose you already have DXVK overriden in your default wine settings and you already have DXVK’s DLLs in your wineprefix. When you disable, you’re using those. When you enable, you’re trying to use new ones that are possible incompatible with your system.

Check DXVK’s page to see Driver Support and test older versions for compatibility

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I removed DXVK from the default Wine and when I turned DXVK off, I couldn’t run any game using DXVK, and when I truned it on, no game will start even when I change Wine version.

I will turn it off from all games, and install it manually!

You’re probably better picking a suitable DXVK version for your graphics card/driver.

If you do it manually, it’s the same as pressing the Lutris button, honestly.

But then, again, if you have a working setup, let it be and play the games.

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Fine with me. Cheers.

I figured out what is causing this problem. When I install any wine version on Lutris, it uses all the configurations from default Wine. That is why I can’t use another DXVK version or the same version because it is already installed in every Wine versions on Lutris.

This doesn’t make sense.

Wine acts on a wineprefix’s configuration. When you do winecfg on some wineprefix folder, it stores configuration files there. When you call another wine in the same folder, it will overwrite the configuration file to that newer version.

DXVK is “installed” by overwritting dxgi.dll and d3d11.dll and annotating these two DLL overrides on a wine configuration file.

Picking a wine version on Lutris and toggling “Enable DXVK” or picking a DXVK version do nothing by themselves. When you actually start the game you were trying to configure, it will pick a wine binary, configure the folder, put or remove DXVK files and put or remove overrides accordingly.

It doesn’t make sense to me either but this is what I found.

I use Wine 3.11 staging and esync 3.13 and they both have the same configurations as Wine 3.14 staging on my system, and I can run every game with DXVK 0.70 without enabling it on the configuration of each game, and when I enable it the game wont even start.