Steam Wine, store not working

Typo in Steam Wine prevents Steam Store from working:
-no-cef-sandox should be -no-cef-sandbox

I experience the same problem but it’s not a big deal because the store in Steam for Linux works flawlessly…

Is your last line the error or the solution? O.o

In Lutris Wine-Steam code is -no-cef-sandox but should be -no-cef-sandbox. So solution is to fix lutris code or add -no-cef-sandbox as argument in Wine Steam Game options (the second is only workaround).

oooooh ,that’s why the Steam store wasn’t working :laughing:

So awesome!!

Is an Update necessary for this? Mine is still broken :smiley:

Yeah, I fixed a typo in the code so this will be available in 0.4.3 (soon)

I’m running now and the steam store isn’t working… Do I have to do additional steps?

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I still have this issue

Lutris Version
Wine version tkg-unity-4.1-x86_64 (default)