Steam on Wine reinstalling all my games

I have a 250GB SSD and a 1TB HDD so I like to choose wich one I install each of my games on. After getting Lutris I installed steam windows from the steam website and then I installed the runner. I installed all my windows only games through “wine .wine\drive_c\Program Files (x86)/Steam/steam.exe” and I found all the games were under the regular Steam folder and I couldn’t run them because of “Unsuported platform” so I went indo the config for each of them and changed the runner to Steam on Wine and tried to execute The Howler as a test. After waiting a minute and it not showing anything I ran steam through wine again and saw all my games were being redownloaded. Opening up regular Steam showed the same thing. Does anyone know why this is happening? The games are being installed to the same directories I told them to and they all say 0 bytes / 0 bytes.

native steam does that to me, 12 of 13 of my updates were 0 /0 bytes
I have my games on external storage with symlinks in the default install dir.