Steam not Syncing

Whe i try to sync my steam library i get this error thrown in terminal

2024-05-13 02:28:47,372: Failed to download HTTP Error 404: Not Found

My profile is set to public and steam is running fine on my system. I’m on Arch with 6.8.9 kernel

Hi - yes, Steam CDN seems to be missing that particular asset. I only managed to find one game out of many of mine that is also missing a 600x900 image, but I don’t get any errors when syncing. Are your other games syncing without problems?

If it is persistent, first, please run “lutris -d” from a terminal - check you’re running at least 5.17 version of Lutris, and if you are, file a report at Lutris issues in GitHub - it should be handing that error.