Steam not logged please

First I apologize for my bad English. I just installed litrus and I was able to open my account with GOG, however I can’t do it with Steam. Every time I try the log I get that I should install some additional packages, although I have searched the forum, I cannot find the solution. The packages are: libc6:amdl64 libc6:i386 libegl1:amd64 libegl1:i386 libgm1:amdl64 libeg1:i386 ligl1-mesa-dri:amd64 libg-mesadri:i386 libgl1:amd64 libgl1:1386 steam libs i386.
Although I try to install these packages I get more errors. I leave my specifications, my head is going to explode I don’t know what to do.

Help. Ty all.

OS: elementary OS 7.1 horus
Arch: x86_64
Kernel: 6.5.0-14-generic
Desktop: Pantheon
Display Server: x11

Vendor: AuthenticAMD
Model: AMD Ryzen 7 5800H with Radeon Graphics
Physical cores: 8
Logical cores: 16

RAM: 13.5 GB
Swap: 0.0 GB

Vendor: AMD
OpenGL Renderer: RENOIR (renoir, LLVM 15.0.7, DRM 3.54, 6.5.0-14-generic)
OpenGL Version: 4.6 (Compatibility Profile) Mesa 23.0.4-0ubuntu1~22.04.1
OpenGL Core: 4.6 (Core Profile) Mesa 23.0.4-0ubuntu1~22.04.1
OpenGL ES: OpenGL ES 3.2 Mesa 23.0.4-0ubuntu1~22.04.1
Vulkan: Supported

Install steam - sudo apt install steam

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Thank you for reading me OJ1, I did it and it caused me more problems, I have spent more than an hour trying to correct the dkms and the nvidia drivers and still nothing. I am very noob to Linux Elementary OS and I admit that I am racking my brain.
Errors found when processing:
E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)

I have no idea what you have done - if Elementary has a support forum, head there before you need to completely reinstall everything