Steam installer - Start in offline mode?

I’m wondering if there is a way to set the installer to run the game in offline mode.

The reason for this is that, for me at least, the Crash Bandicoot N.Sane trilogy will not start properly if steam is online.

Just disconnect your internet connect (unplug LAN or disable wireless, open the steam game through lutris , steam will pop up… Wait a bit…and . It will say cannot connect and lets you choose to start offline

Indeed, but that’s not really the question.

I wonder if it’s possible to add some argument to the installer scripts to make it so the game gets run in offline mode.

Hi, @elo

Have you tried to launch the game without the steam client? In Lutris you have options to add a steamless binary. You can find it by right clicking > Configure under the Game options tab. Try adding the actual game .exe file to it also, make sure to go to the Runners tab and check ‘Run without Steam (if possible)’.

If you are writing a script you can use the arguments steamless_binary, run_without_steam: true.

You can find documentation of what values you can put in a script by ‘Edit installer’ on any game.

I hope this has answer your question.

do you want it to open the game without using steam?

Sadly steam has to be running for the game to start, it seems.

@psychonaut2342, no, I want to start steam in offline mode before starting a specific game through lutris and I’m wondering if that’s possible or not :slight_smile:

Hi, elo

I would suggest to check steam settings. There is an option there for going offline as soon as steam is launched.

How you st up the game? Please, can you make a short video about it? :slight_smile:

Indeed, the question is if it’s possible to automate this process through lutris.

Well… actually there is a way to do it, but is not within lutris’ settings.

Searching online I have found this:

You can apply those settings on the entire winesteam runner by going to Lutris > Manage Runners and then click on Open Runners Folder. I did a quick test just to see if it actually works and I can confirm that it does. As for individual games I have not tried yet.

To be more specific I tried this section:

“AccountName” “”
“PersonaName” “”
“RememberPassword” “1”
“Timestamp” “”
"WantsOfflineMode" "1"
"SkipOfflineModeWarning" "1"

Have a look at it and let me know if this was useful.