Steam games randomly not importing

Specifically these, but I don’t see a pattern between them and Lutris has imported Steam games I’ve purchased/free games added to my library before and since just fine. Maybe other games are affected too, but I’ve just noticed these because I have them installed and they’re just showing the placeholder banner in the Lutris client. NBD, just curious about it.

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I have the same problem with Gal*Gun 2. It’s added to my library but there’s still no page for it. Plus, it runs almost perfectly with Steam Play…

This is still an issue. Only one of the games I noticed when I posted this thread, Lagoon Lounge, eventually imported for some reason. But still, maybe half the time when I add games to my Steam library, they don’t import.

There’s several more games that appear to have the same problem:

My best guess is that Lutris has trouble with some characters in the game title (most games listed in the thread seem to have atypical non-alphanumerical titles) but that doesn’t explain how a game named “The Oni Sellsword” would have the same issue (unless the title on Steam actually includes a hidden atypical char like non-breaking space).

Yeah, I had thought it might have something to do with special characters, as well as free games (which seem to have more trouble importing for some reason), but there’s a bunch having issues that don’t seem to have special characters in the title, e.g.:

Another issue that might be related is that some games aren’t imported correctly if you do it from GUI (as in, adding installed Steam game into Lutris); in particular, LEGO Lord of the Rings game is not detected as such, and it gets imported as LEGO® Lord of the Rings™ instead (which is apparently a different game as far as Lutris cares). So there’s another problem which may be related to handling of non-alphanumerical characters

I for some reason can’t get Lutris to import Monster Hunter: World. There are a few other titles that won’t import that run on Steam Play Proton. Maybe this is because there is no rated runner on Lutris for them?

This one seems to be present in the database, but the title is in all-caps for some reason. So, not the same problem.

In your case, have you imported the games you didn’t install from website (like your Steam library)? If you did they might interfere with stuff you may be trying to import. I don’t think Proton plays a role in it (rather it may be the difference between game title in Steam DB and in Lutris DB) as I’ve imported quite a few titles installed via Proton without a problem, and most of them (if not all) have no native Steam install scripts (Proton or not).

You could probably pull it off same way as I did with LEGO LotR – remove it from your Lutris library, import the Proton version and replace generated identifier with the one on website (after restarting Lutris it successfully synced the icon from website).

Cheers! got it all sorted now.

I just realized my original post was ambiguous; I’m talking about importing games with the Steam button on the Lutris profile page to add Steam game pages to the site. I haven’t noticed any issues with importing installed Steam games into the Lutris client, though.

Yes, that’s also what I was talking about; the games which we’re not supposed to add by hand (it says so on the game details form) but which fail to import from Steam DB.

The guy above got it mixed up, which I commented on before telling him how to deal with his problem.

OK, just wanted to make sure we’re all on the same page.