Steam crashes after several seconds


I’ve tried to find if someone have the same problem and found only somewhat similar theme. But it crashes not only while downloading and after 3-5 seconds after launch. It happens with Wine Steam launcher or with Steam installed in Wine launcher and only with Lutris. If I launch Lutris from console, then Steam and then it crashes I only get:

$ lutris
INFO     2018-05-01 21:26:33,505 [lutriswindow]:Connected to as Kuriot
WARNING  2018-05-01 21:26:58,146 [thread]:Processes are still running
WARNING  2018-05-01 21:27:38,513 [wine]:Some wine processes are still running: 4991

It’s on Manjaro with KDE.

I found that if I disable Lutris overlay it works. Now I have another problem. Sound stops to work immediately after I launch the game. But it’s another story I guess. :slight_smile:

Nevermind. I just tried Evil Within 2 Demo and sound stops working after launch. On other games it works fine.