Steam account attached to old Lutris Account

Hi guys

I used to have a Lutris account but forgot my old account and password and at the same time I cant remember what the email account i used was. I have since signed up for another Lutris account but can’t attach my Steam account. I can’t disconnect it from the old account because I can’t remember my details and can’t request a password reminder either.

Can someone help?

Did you lose your email as well or is it just that you have several? If it’s the latter, the simplest way would probably be to just try recovering from every email you have until one of them matches.

Thank you for replying back. Ive just tried all the email accounts i have and re-logged into the ones i haven’t used in over a year but none seem to be getting any reset password links and i have checked the spam folders.

Well that’s certainly weird…

In that case you’ll probably have to ask a maintainer about it (contacting via Steam so that he can be sure you do own the Steam account in question). I would start with asking to remind you which email/Lutris account it’s registered to first (so that you can restore it the normal way), and only if that approach fails to request modifying your data by an admin.

I’m not sure who you’re supposed to approach in such a case specifically but the Lutris Group owner seems to be the most likely candidate.

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Hi! Sorry for bumping this old thread but I have the very same problem.
I tried to connect my Steam account to Lutris but it’s telling me it’s already tied to another Lutris account.
I can’t really believe this since I only have one mail account for over 15 years so if I ever would have used Lutris I would have done it with the same account.

However, the message is telling me to “write a Lutris admin about that” but how?
There’s no support mail or anything.
If an admin is reading this please get in contact with me so I can connect my Steam account to my Lutris account. Thank u very much! :slight_smile:

Same problem here. It seems someone got the problem resolved, but I don’t know why:

How can we contact an administrator?

Somehow I remembered my old username for the old e-mail and managed to disconnect my steam account. BUT, it’s clear that is an issue that can and is affecting other users. So please, if someone could help the other guys…