Steam acc trubble

Need to get in touch with a maintainer for steam accounts. I have somehow linked my steam acc to an account i dont know the login to and need help here please. I vave tried password resetts and all the things but nothing works. Please help.
I will provide any proof of steam account ownership thats needed.

Lutris sources only link to the API for a games list.
I’m running 5.8. It might be a bug, but I don’t see the “Disconnect” button on the Steam source that makes it forget your details, if that’s what you mean.

Just be aware that recovery of a Steam account can only be done at Steam’s site.
Lutris isn’t part of that.

Wjen i try to link my steam acc to my lutris account i get a message saying steam account allready connected to another lutris account, contact administrator.

Okay that makes more sense.
This is the right place, but I would also try getting an admin’s attention (usually Strider) in IRC.