Status of FSYNC support in lutris-6.21

I roll my own kernels and use FUTEX_WAIT_MULTIPLE for my gaming setup.

I tried both lutris-6.21-3 and lutris-6.21-5 wine runners and FSYNC support seems to be gone. I have only ESYNC and wine server synch when I use it.

I went back to lutris-ge-6.16, (which has been great for me), where FSYNC still works.

Has FSYNC been dropped from the Lutris runners? I know we’ll be using futex2 pretty soon, but that’s not quite there yet. (I’m waiting for at least a few more release candidates before I move to Linux 5.16)

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I use the wine-staging-6.22-tkg or wine-6.3.8-proton builds from here and both appear to have fsync still enabled (I run a tkg-bmq kernel).

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It looks like I answered my own question, by compiling Linux 5.16.0-rc3.

fsync: up and running

So it seem the lutris-6.21-5 wine runner supports the new futex_waitv (futex2) fsync, like Steam’s Proton Experimental.

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I haven’t tried rc3 yet. But will update the runners to see how it performs.

I wasn’t going to move from Linux 5.15 just yet, but what the Hell, this setup is only for games anyway, so I might as well. (It’s a heavily customized Manjaro). I see no reason to go back to 5.15, I’ll stay on the 5.16-rc train now.

So far, I’m happy. Everything I play in Lutris (including EA Origin and the few games I have in there) works with lutris-6.21-5 and in Steam I’ve got Proton Experimental… and old shit that wouldn’t work with that, wouldn’t benefit from things like Fsync (or Esync for that matter) anyway. The things I tried in Steam test out OK too, and that covers anything I care about right now.