Starcrat 2 not running with any Wine 3.x version

My system :
kernel : 4.20.12-arch1-1
gpu : Nvidia GTX 1070
driver : 415.27
winehq-staging : 4.2

I’ve tried a bunch of runners, only 4.x version works, using lutris debug i’ve found this error:
"Detaching logger
/usr/lib/python3.7/site-packages/lutris/ Warning: Source ID 3044 was not found when attempting to remove it
" with esync-3.15 (the one the i was using about a few weeks ago), the game fail to launch and the Unexpected error window appear.

I’m trying to run that version in particular because was the best the i’ve found until now for SC2, it gives me 300-400fps (low settings) at the start of the game and usually was able to keep above 100s in late game, the runners the i’ve been using struggles to keep 60s in late game.