StarCraft Remastered

Has anybody gotten StarCraft Remastered working in Lutris?

I’m not looking for support - I just want to know if it’s possible to get it running in Lutris.

I’m actually still on MacOS, but I’m planning on buying a new system in the next year or so, and that’s when I’ll fully switch to Linux. I’ve got an older machine from 2010 running Debian 9 so I can play around with Linux and test its viability as a replacement for MacOS. StarCraft II is one of my favorite games and I know it works in Lutris, but I’d also like to be able to play StarCraft Remastered on Linux, especially since I’ve never played the original StarCraft.

Hi RedSox07,

I’m playing Starcraft Remastered on Ubuntu 16.04.3 64 bit. See for installation details.

I hope this would help :wink:

That’s fantastic! Thank you!