StarCraft: Remastered runs but has many breaking issues


I haven’t played StarCraft: Remastered since I switched to Arch Linux 3 years ago. I have read that it works with Lutris, so I gave it a try a few weeks ago, and it seemed to work fine (I haven’t actually played much, just tested if it works, but I didn’t run into any of the issues I’m running into now). As the issued showed up, I ran a full system update, but that seemingly had no effect. When I start up the game, the “Downloading Settings” window pops up, which changes to a “Download Failed” pop up after a few seconds. After clicking okay, I can go and play a single player game no problem, but the multiplayer does not work. However, if I click “Options” in the main menu, the background gets darker, and 3 squares pop up that show the rating of the game (13+, 16+, violence…), but the Options dialog is nowhere to be seen, it gets unresponsive to clicks, and the game has to be closed through the window manager.
Similarly, if I go to single player, and try to open a replay, the replay starts, but none of the HUD shows up, and pressing F10 brings up the menu, but then clicking on settings again, brings forward the 3 squares about how the game is 13+ and 16+ rated, and the game hangs again.

Curiously, I also observed after this, that when opening the Blizzard launcher, I get the message of “Network conditions stopped us from loading your personalized content; here’s a look at what’s happening across Battle net.”. And when I open and close the game without doing anything, it warns me about an ongoing upload.

My “lutris-issue-report.json” file: { "comment": "StarCraft Remastered starts, and I can play single player.\nHow -
The Log file from a run of StarCraft: Remastered: Started initial process 1153 from /home/nicemicro/.local/share/lutris/runners/wi -

If you need any more info, please ask.

I have the same issue, just installed archlinux and lutris. When i open brood war, it goes black for a sec when downloading settings. When i open options, it does not show, only if I alt tabbed out, and try to right click → close. Then it pops back and shows the options menu.

Found out, that the options menu loads after a minute or two, as well as the multiplayer server selector. It just takes a lot of time for reasons.

After a bit of experimenting, I found that using the app instead of StarCraft:Remastered, it works.
link: Blizzard - Lutris

I can confirm, that installing with the installer scrip works better.

The options dialog still takes ages to load, as well as the UI for watching a replay. Otherwise, seems fine enough.

Thank you for sharing!

EDIT: after things working on Saturday, there was a SC update on Sunday, so now the region selection window does not load in any reasonable timeframe.