Starcraft 2 - Network outage error

Hello all,

I’m new to Lutris. I’m a software engineer setting up my young nephew on a PopOS! installation so that he can play more games, and running into trouble.

I’ve installed Starcraft 2 via the Lutris community script. There was only one issue during that installation: The install hung for about 20 hours, with the message that Lutris would automatically close the login window when it was done installing. I considered it might have hung there erroneously, so I closed the window manually. After that, the installation completed without any errors listed. And, no debug data displayed when running the lutris debug command from the terminal.

Also of note, I tried clearing all cache and re-running the installer as well. It always hangs in the exact same spot for extended periods of time.

Anyway, when I run the app I get an error that says something to the effect:

There is a temporary outage with the Battle_net service

Yet that doesn’t seem to be true looking at the state of the network on the various reporting services. And, this error has persisted over the course of about 24 hours, which is plenty of time to see reports of Battle_net going down listed on various servers and social media platforms.

My question is this: does anybody have experience with such a (presumed) error with Starcraft 2 in Lutris, and if so, do you have any suggestions to resolve it?

Output of lutris --submit-issue:

Output of lutris -d:
(no output)

Thank you!