Starcraft 2 installation failed: Program Files (x84) not generated

Hi all! thank you in advance for any and all time and help on this <3

So I am running:
wine-5.18 (Staging)
ubuntu 18.04
intel hd 515 integrated graphics (drivers: check)
Vulkan: check
All on crouton on a chromebook.

lutris -d and Lutris --submit-issue outputs >>

I am trying to install SC2 on lutris, from the website.
I am pretty sure (have, like, quadruple checked) that I have all drivers and dependencies accounted for.
I use the DXVK install option from the 3 options listed on the website.
The lutris installer opens and begins installation.
The Battle net installer window does not open.
Upon checking the directories the Program Files (x84) directory under /local/Games/starcraft-ii/drive_c has not been generated during installation.

I’m veeeery new to linux, wine, lutris etc but this tells me that the wine installation I have is not being properly utilised by lutris.

I have all the dependencies listed as necessary from the Battle Net installation page on the lutris wiki >>
As well as the nested, hyperlinked pages: wine, dxvk and the drivers. I AM A NOOB HOWEVER, so I might be missing something obvious.

It is because of the info there that I am running wine staging. I have not yet tried to make a custom dxvk, maybe that’s what I need to do?

Let me know if you need any other information or if any of the logs above are not actually what you asked for, can only plead the ignorance of a passionate noob <3

Warm regards,