Starcraft 2 audio lagging, and game runs little slow

Hello, good afternoon lutris community,

I been using lutris for quite some time to play mainly starcraft 2, at lutris website used to be two installation scripts the one that was deleted always worked perfectly for me.

My kubuntu installation broke and I need it to reinstall after that, I install the game, latest mesa drivers I also tried winehq staging no luck, the game runs a little slower and the audio is breaking all the time, feels weird.
I tried downgrading my Kubuntu to 20.04 nothing helps, I reinstalled my pc twice with different drivers versions.
can someone help, please? thank you

This might be a pulseaudio thing. Maybe try pipewire or this

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Thank you, the only thing that fixes my audio problem is annoying but every time after running the game I have to minimize the game window and run this command to restart the audio: systemctl --user restart PulseAudio.service I wish there was something more permanent.

Did you try pipewire?

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thank you very much, that solved my problem.