Star Wars: The Old Republic doesn't work

I am running EndeavourOs (Arch based) and Lutirs will install the launcher perfectly fine, launching it just give me the “launcher is updating” and doesn’t do anything else.
I thought I would just drop in the entire game files from a window backup (leaving the stuff lutirs installed out). But all that did was give me “could not retrieve patch data”

I don’t use steam so I really hope Lutris can make my games work or I will have to go back to windows :sob:

I had a similar problem in Pop_OS! I don’t remember exactly how I solved it but I followed some instructions from SWTOR’s page on wine hq, and it worked. If I remember correctly it was some problem with certificates. Also in SWTOR’s page in lutris there is this note:

Well it took me a while but I finally found a Reddit post that actually tells you how to get the missing certificates the game needs to run.
Honestly how to get the certificates should have been adding to the Lutris known issues section instead of just telling people how to update something they don’t have.