Star Wars : The Old Republic always crash

Hi everyone,

I’ve installed Swtor with Lutris on Manjaro 18.1.4 Juhraya and everything in the installation process went fine. The game runs smoother than with my previous Windows 10 setup, apart from one thing : The game is always crashing !

I couldn’t really find out what as making the game crash. Usually the game will slow down and then crash. It happens very often, sometimes a few seconds into the game.
Some locations in the game seemed to make it crash more often, it does not matter if there is a lot of players around me or many “graphical effects”. I think some in game actions makes this happen. But it isn’t very consistent. Sometimes just pressing the “go forward” key seems to make the game faint. Sometimes it’s when I enter a cinematic, sometimes it just happen when I’m doing nothing.
I tough I maybe didn’t have enough ram. After a few test I found it didn’t change if I set the graphics at very low.
The crash happen very often, sometimes a few seconds into the game.

I’m using a DELL inspiron 13 7000, with :
CPU: Intel Core i5-8265U @ 8x 3.9GHz [58.0°C]
GPU: Mesa DRI Intel® UHD Graphics (Whiskey Lake 3x8 GT2)
8go of Ram.

Thank you very much !

Hello Corbalte,

I was playing SWTOR two years ago with the same problem, with an AMD gpu.
I was not able to find a workaround.
I kept playing like this anyway.
The issue will probably continue to exist if no one can find out the problem.

Good luck !