Star Wars Battlefront II on EpicGames

I have Star Wars Battlefront II into my Epic Games library (it was free a few weeks ago :wink: ) but when I try to download it, it says I need Win7 in order to install Origin. Point is, Origin is already installed into Lutris, just in a different folder in Wine (into main folder I have epic-games-store, origin and gog subfolders. Each has its own drive_c subfolder etc.)
I suppose the problem is that being into different “virtual” systems, Epic does not “see” Origin. Is it possible to make Epic “see” Origin someway? Changing some settings maybe? I do not know very well Lutris/Wine underneath…

EDIT: At the moment I changed wine settings in order to use Win7 (it was XP before) but it is just reinstalling Origin into the same folder as epic. I’ll keep you posted

quick answer: games installed in different folders do not see between them

That’s it. I installed Origin again together with Epic and the game just appeared into my Origin library. So I am actually downloading it from Origin in the original position.
Download will take about 5hours, so tomorrow in the morning I should be able to see if it works.