Star Wars Battlefront II (2005) Steam online multiplayer not working

Online multiplayer (fairly recently reintroduced on this legendary game!) doesn’t work because of this Wine bug, I don’t know Lutris very well but is it possible to get it working by using an older Wine version and a patch from that Wine bug?

@strider @Trollwut any ideas?

Wow cool, I was mentioned :smiley:

Are you sure it has to be this bug? Sure that a multiplayer is really implemented?

AFAIK the servers for that have been shut down a long time ago in a galaxy far away…

Yes, multiplayer was restarted at the beginning of October (which is really awesome because it means that no-one needs to play the new SWBII, they can just play the best one online)! People have been reporting issues on all platforms but seem to be able to connect eventually and I just can’t connect at all on Linux, you’re welcome to try it yourself! I strongly suspect (and I’m sure I read somewhere, but can’t remember where) that the lengthy loading time is timing out server connections, so the Wine patch in that bug should fix the issue, but I fluffed up whilst doing my own Wine build with that patch so I didn’t actually test it in the end :frowning: