Star Trek Online - Heart of the Storm update

The latest update to Star Trek Online has changed something. Even many people playing in Windows are having problems. My Windows 8.1 system cannot run the client at all. I suspect that this is because the game is now requiring DX 12, which is not available before Windows 10. I’ve been trying to get it to run on my Linux system, but thought it tries to load instead of just crashing as it does on Windows it cannot finish loading. It sits at the ‘CRYPTIC’ logo screen with 100 percent CPU usage on a couple of cores. Something needs to be updated to deal with these new changes. I hope some of the techies who manage all of this compatibility code are paying attention to STO?

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It looks like they were intimidated enough by all the Windows 8.1 users complaining to fix whatever it was blocking them from launching the game. No clear proof that it was a deliberate exclusion of all DX versions prior to 12, but another update was issued correcting ‘an issue’ and that has allowed Win 8.1 users to run the game again.

It works with Lutris again now, too. Exactly what was wrong is the outstanding question. Will there be compatibility issues with Linux/Wine emulation when the support for 8.1 formally ends and they can justify dropping compatibility for that?

After the latest update STO started freezing on load again, but I thought to try the trick given for the recent changes to LOTRO and the same thing works. Use wine config to set the vulkan-1 library to builtin only. Now it loads and runs properly again with DXVK enabled.