Star Trek Online dies on joining ground TFO

This is weird, but consistent. When I join one particular TFO in a currently running event, the “Operation Wolf” ground battle, the game just dies during the map transfer and I’m left staring at the transfer screen. The CPU load on my Gkrellm visibly drops off, so I know the game has basically crashed. If I then kill the process quickly enough and restart, I can usually get into the TFO before it flags me as a ‘leaver’ but it’s close and I’d rather be able to just transfer cleanly. What is particularly weird about this is that SPACE TFOs work. I can click the join button and when my character transfers to a space ship, it doesn’t die. I can just play the TFO with everyone else. So it’s something about the difference between those two kinds of map transfers.

I have now installed Lutris on two different systems. One was Devuan 3.1, the other was the very latest MX Linux 21. STO has this same problem on both of them. But, I did have to manually add all the various libraries and dependencies in both cases. Maybe there is still something missing? I will post a list of installed packages if someone can give me a search criteria. Or I guess the entire list, though that’s going to be huge.

What logs should I be looking at for error message?

Is there a linux distro that has all the right things installed by default? Maybe Manjaro? I could try that and see if it has the same problem.

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