Star Trek Online cannot recognize file update status

First, STO cannot update itself in Lutris. At all. It will try, but it always dies before finishing. Usually at 90 percent plus completion, just to waste as much time and bandwidth as possible.

To get around this, I have been copying the updated files from a Windows system. But every update to STO has become a roll of the dice. Sometimes I can copy the files and it recognizes it is up-to-date and will run. Other times it tries to update itself anyway, even though I just updated it. Since this never works, that makes the game unplayable in Lutris until the next update and another attempt at manual update. I’ve tried copying the entire directory, hoping there is a log file somewhere that it is checking. But this doesn’t work either. It still thinks it needs to update itself when it IS up-to-date, and that makes it unusable in Lutris/Linux.

Does anyone know why a game that IS updated thinks it needs to update itself?