Star Trek Armada Drama

I have been trying to install and use Star Trek Armada (GOG version/tried an old CD installer as well - Same issue).

I have gotten the game patched to 1.2, then installed the 1.3 patch for basic widescreen support. I have also added some dx wrappers and attempted to run the dxcfg application that is installed via GOG.

No matter what I do, I am not able to bust the menu out of 640x480. I have gotten it to play once at 1920x1080, but as soon as the menu is accessed, it dies and I have to kill the app.

I know this is a troublesome game. My hope is that someone has a secret receipe on how to get it playable as much as possible.

Here were a couple of attempts to fix it to no avail.

stuck on 640x480:

Here is a link to what I’m seeing:

I’m having the same problem with Star Trek Armada 2.
The closest I’ve gotten to playing is playing in 640x480 in windowed mode.

Still troubleshooting.