Star Stable can't be launched

Hi there,

So here’s my problem : I’ve installed Star Stable Online using the web installer on Lutris. No problem during the installation but as soon as I want to play the game when the installation is finished, a window open telling me that it’s impossible to start the program “Star Stable Online.exe” and that the command is invalid. The odd part is that when Lutris is still installing the game and I accept to launch it, it works perfectly fine, the main page appears and I’m able to play the game. It’s only as soon as Lutris finishes to install that it doesn’t work anymore when I try to launch it.
I haven’t changed any settings since I’m far from being an expert.

Here’s what I get :


Some more infos :

  • Xubuntu 22.04
  • Lutris 0.5.12
  • SSO settings : windows 10, wine version ‘wine-ge-8-25-x86_64 (default)’

Hope someone can help me because I don’t want to uninstall and re-install everytime I want to play :')

EDIT : Nvm, it works fine now !