Star Citizen Invictus Launch week not starting up after RSI installer downloads game

I’m trying to start Star Citizen for the Invictus launch week. Version provided is 1.5.5 which is slightly different from the Lutris script suggesting 1.5.4.
Installer works fine to download all the code and data, but the application fails to get past the start splash screen. Output log seems to show some sort of memory allocation error.
We were missing a lot of 32-bit versions of libraries that we had to install. I think I got them all but I’m not certain although there seems to not be any more complaints about them in the debug log. It does still complain about missing NVidia libraries, but the computer has an AMD GPU and drivers. The splash screen for the app start displays for a few seconds, but then closes and the app seems to crash with an mmap() call error.

lutris -d output

Support json

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