Star Citizen 3.6.1 isnt working after update

When launching Star Citizen from Lutris after the recent 3.6.1 update, the game crashes during the credits screen, where it just stays black.
If I switch to the System Wine version 4.12.1, it launches but performance is bad probably cause no esync. It also crashes using this version when changing graphic settings that require a resolution change or confirmation. And crashes after hitting yes to confirm.
I suspect it’s because they changed the launcher.

I can get around that point and get into the game but it kicks me randomly from the server due to a missing dll error after about 16 seconds of running around and then the game completely crashes out and i have to kill it curious to know what distro you are using because Im currently running arch and I had an update the same time as the 3.6.1 update and Im not sure if its something that changed on my end or its star citizen changes and you have the first post I’ve seen related to it

Iam on Manjaro , im on one of the 5.2 kernels with xfce.
I was hopeful that the Linux Star Citizen User Group would be looking into it. Not sure how active they are though.

One more thing, I keep getting a Wine Mono not found prompt when switching wine versions, is that ok. I thought I read I needed that uninstalled to install some dotnet stuff.

hate to necro this thread but if your not a member you should join we are very active i found the group after i posted this and joined helpful bunchof ppl